Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Hills Have Eyes

Deep in the heart of Washington State's southeastern wheat fields, many unexpected lost places emerge. Miles and miles of empty hills span as far as the eye can see while turkey vultures reeled overhead looking for carrion by the side of the road. This old house is a few miles away from the Lower Monumental Dam, which we had hoped to cross on our way home. However, when we got there it was a huge surprise to see a giant freight ship in the locks, as well as a sign expressing the difficulty we would have in crossing the locks. So, we turned back and stopped at this house. Its charm was lost when I noticed a very, very deep cellar to the left side of the house. I looked down into it where the light was weak and the smell was dank, and I decided it was time to go.

Later, cruising on a two lane highway with Subway sandwiches in hand and mouth, a turkey vulture emerged from the dark side of the road and met its death against our speeding car's windshield -- a loud thunk that cracked it directly up the center.