Tuesday, September 16, 2008

George and Dorothy -- The New 1961 Cub Cadet

These photos were, according to the date stamp, taken in October 1961. The guy is clearly a proud owner of a new garden tractor called the Cub Cadet, manufactured by International Harvester between 1961-1963. These tractors were predecessors to a whole line that followed, yet used a different engine. The shown model, from what I've learned, has a cult following among collectors. There are several websites dedicated to the hobby of collecting and restoring them. The Cub Cadet was evidently the first line of small garden tractors of their kind that were manufactured during the time when there was a rise in country-home living. There were a variety of aftermarket attachments like lawn mowers, snow blowers, front loaders, among other things.

These people were obviously happy while posing on their brand new 1961 Cub Cadet. It looks like they are clearing some property, though honestly it must have taken more than a Cub Cadet to accomplish that. The photo of the woman has some writing on the back that reads "Even Dorothy can drive it." There is no information on the man's name, but I'll call him George.

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Linda S. Socha said...

George and Dorothy
Imagine my delight in seeing your New 1961 Cub Cadet photographed on Ezekiel's correspondence! This is almost as exciting as when we got the new five party phone lines at Aunt Mary's place. She always was a bit or a forerunner. I love the pure fashion colors and if Dorothy can drive it...so can I . Please put me on your calandar to use it for the new Spring Garden we are planning. We can barter its use for help in your clean up projects?